Cipod: Custom-Built Cinema at the Design Week 2019

Cipod, the first custom-built mini-cinema arrives in Italy from the UK and introduces itself to the public of the Design Week 2019 and film lovers

{%ALT_TEXT%}Cipod, the bespoke mini-cinema is located at Piazza Fontana 3, Milan

Stepping through the door of the Cipod, the custom-built cinema installed at Piazza Fontana 3, Milan, during the Fuorisalone 2019, means leaving the chaos of the city behind and living an extraordinary experience.


Cipod, the world’s first custom-built home cinema pod created by Steven Thorne, takes part in the Milan Design Week 2019 in collaboration with the Milano Design Film Festival, with a series of short films divided into four categories, such as Architecture & Design, Urban Life, Nature and Sport, by exceptional directors such as Marcio Kogan, Alexandre Humbert, Sara Muzio.


The bespoke mini-cinema, with interiors designed by Cameranesi Pompili, features cutting-edge technology, with pioneering audio and visual equipment combining them with comfort and attention to detail. Cipod, handcrafted in the UK, is modular and configurable in any space.

“Entering Cipod makes you forget what is out there and makes you feel like you were anywhere,” says Michael Munro, technical director of Cipod. “The incredible sound quality and that of the materials that make up the pod isolate the pod from external sounds.” It is possible to customize Cipod both inside and outside  and to place it wherever you like – at home or in the garden, for example.

Cipod, the bespoke cinema for any space

The installation on Piazza Fontana aims to introduce the universe of Cipod and its cinema system to all the people who value quality, technology and aesthetics, such as designers and interiors designers, discover. It is also addressed to all cinema lovers who would like to have their own Cipod. [Text Carlotta Russo]


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