The Winners of the SaloneSatellite 2019

The SaloneSatellite 2019 announces the winners of this edition. The most creative ideas transform food into innovative design objects

Many young designers are exhibiting their work at the 22nd edition of the SaloneSatellite, whose theme is “Food as a Design Object“. They were asked to design smart, responsible and functional projects for the future food system. Many design items, besides being creative and innovative, encourage reflection on the opportunities that the food sector can offer to design. The food industry, the whole supply and consumption chain, the management of waste leave room for art and creativity.

The 1st prize – SaloneSatellite Award 2019 – goes to designer Kuli-Kuli (Japan) for his project Kobe Leather

Japanese studio Kuli-Kuli is based in Kobe, famous for its meat. The designers, in collaboration with local tanners, decided to turn cowhide, not traditionally used, into a collection of new products.


The 2nd prize – SaloneSatellite Award 2019 – goes to studio Philipp Hainke (Germany) for the project Halo

The Halo chair concept was devised to showcase the strength and possibilities of a lightweight material made from hemp and casein, developed by the designer during his Organico research project.

The 3rd prize – SaloneSatellite Award 2019 – goes to designer Baku Sakashita (Japan) for his project 2.5 Dimensional Objects

These 2.5 dimensional objects are 3D wire structures that look like 2D black lines drawn on flat paper. The optical illusion derives from the thinness of the wire, which is 0.3 mm in diameter.

The Special Mention Rong Design Library – Residence Program Award goes to Croatian designer Koko for his project Koko Loko

Koko Loko is designed for kids and every Loko is a combination of eight elements. Changing the combination also their functionality and their appearance vary.


The Special Mention Rong Design Library – Residence Program Award goes to studio Studiomirei (Italy) for the project Nebula Lamp

These lamps, which resemble interstellar clouds of dust in space, are made of banana fiber. Studiomirei worked on fabric manipulation based on the intrinsic properties of the fabric.

Intesa Sanpaolo Special Prize (3rd edition) “Best Project on Food as a Design Object” goes to Melbourne Movement / Kristen Wang (Australia) for the project Re.Bean Coffee Stool

Made from locally collected coffee grounds, the Re.Bean Coffee Stool, not only derives a unique smell and tactility from being made from coffee, it is also 100% biodegradable.

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