Guy-Laroche spring-summer collection

Surprising Sensual Effects in the New Collection by Guy Laroche

Irreverence and explicit design meet Guy Laroche’s elegance


Elegance and sensuality, “with surprise”, characterize Guy Laroche Spring/Summer 2019 collection. Black and white, light and shadow, moments of the day and references to the evening alternate on the catwalk a modular front-back game that turns the jacket-trouser outfit and the elegant dress into another garment applauded for the irreverent cuts and the explicit design wrapping women’s body.


The radical geometry of the ’80s creates broken shapes that are recomposed in panels and transparent or solid strips, designed directly on the body. Makeup and hairstyle are inspired by street trends to make a stylistic concept that goes beyond time and season contemporary.


The homonymous brand, launched by its founder in 1957, had always had a precise goal: freeing women’s bodies from clichés, creating new ideas of coat-dress and blouse-dress worn by all divas, from Jane Fonda to Faye Dunaway and Mireille Darc. When Monsieur Guy Laroche died, the creative direction of the Maison was handed down to several designers including Michel Klein, Alber Elbaz, Marcel Marongiu, Adam Andrascik and now Richard Renè. [Text Alexandra Alfonso]


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