Wine made in the City: the “Naviglio Rosso”

A project by Cantina Urbana, the first company of this kind in Italy

The first wine “made in Naviglio” (Naviglio is a waterway in Milan) has just been created; its name is Naviglio Rosso (Red Waterway). Produced in 2,500 bottles, it is obtained from the local Croatina grape variety with a dash of Barbera.

Vinification takes place in steel tanks. Then the mass is divided into three parts: steel tanks, terracotta amphorae and French oak barrels. All this is made under the “Cantina Urbana” brand, the first urban wine-maker located at via Ascanio Sforza 87, in the heart of Milan’s Naviglio, in a bustling neighborhood.

Cantina Urbana is a place where wine is made in the city, accessible to anybody, where direct selling makes the exchange between producer and customers possible. The underlying idea is finding high-quality Italian grapesrelying on sustainable agriculture – and bringing them into the city, allowing small firms to become the protagonists of this adventure. [Text Cristina Provenzano]


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