Studio Ryte at the MDW 2019 for the Second Time

The new concept of the 12 objects presented by Studio Ryte

Two folded metal sheets can be exchanged to easily adapt to different spaces. Shelves Up can be a room divider or can be placed against the wall

Hong Kong-based Studio Ryte presented 10 new objects at the SaloneSatellite, during the Design Week. Moreover, two pieces were exhibited in the Brera Design District for the MeetMyProject event.

The Rattan table is made of rattan and solid ash. It can be used as a storage unit, while its cover can serve as a tray

The studio focused on the intriguing concept of ‘doubleness’: objects come to life when two materials meet. It is the result of a 1 year’s research that makes it possible to assemble an object hiding the joints. It is thus possible to create many different configurations. [Text Anguilla Segura]

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