Milan Design Week 2019: Thailand and sustainable design

Slow hand Design

Curated by Eggarat Wongcharit

Again in 2019, Thailand took part in the Milan Design Week. DITP presented some objects awarded by DEmark, which honors works embodying the Thai craftsmanship tradition by combining it with new technologies. The new generation of products mix manual skills with new technologies, for a production with high added value, which can also be applied to industrial volumes, to match craftsmanship and industry. The added value of design is therefore in applying the technologies of the future to traditional processes, for an increasingly sustainable production.

Craft Intelligence (C.I.)

Manual skills, craftsmanship, human creativity will never be completely replaced by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can speed up and push in the direction of increasingly advanced automation, but the soul of the project and the object will remain the sensitivity and creativity that only man can impress.

T-STYLE – Thai design

T-Style celebrates Thai craftsmanship, and its ability to make the most of what agriculture can no longer use. Time and manual skill, together, create unique products, as in “Fine Craft“, an exhibition dedicated to Thai handicrafts made from recycled materials, from agriculture and other processes. Recycling and reuse are established practices in Thailand, and “Thai style” products are of excellent workmanship and quality, as well as sustainable.

Thai style: sustainable design

From April 9 to 14, 2019, Slow Hand Design and T-Style exhibited various products made with these new materials at Ventura Future, at Base, Ex-Ansaldo. The exhibitions, organized by the Thailand Office of Innovation and Value Creation, Thai Trade Center, Milan, and the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), and the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand, were attended by the following designers:

Slow Hand Design

  • Labrador, Barketek, FLOW,
  • Saprang, Takehomedesign, DOTS design studio,
  • Salt and pepper design studio, Plural Designs,
  • Kenkoon, Bioware, DYE DEE, DOITUNG, Mobella,
  • Pasu it’s alive, Prempracha’s, DEESAWAT, Vincita, Samphat Gallery
  • WOODOURZ, Abearable, ARTWORK, La Orr, Dos Life


  • Carpenter Studio, Play, Getnature, Nuaynard, BASIC TEEORY, Para,
  • Stories of Silver & Silk, DOITUNG, La Orr, QOYA, Fulame, Lamunlamai,
  • PATAPiAN, Trimode, DEWA 2019

DEmark Award

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