Dijon Kitchen by Diego Revollo

Innovation is the main feature of the Dijon kitchen, designed by Brazilian designer Diego Revollo for a penthouse in São Paulo


Dijon is the kitchen designed by Diego Revollo for the apartment of a young bachelor in São Paulo, Brazil. Flying high and far from traditional kitchens, the island here, almost 4.5m long, hangs above the floor. Suspended at its ends by black metal structures, the white block allows the entire kitchen floor to remain visible and is incorporated into the social area.

The kitchen, now light and wide, is complemented by the line of cabinets in mustard color – which suggested the name Dijon – and by the paneling in solid Tauari wood. While the mustard color, in contrast to the black top, gives personality to the set, the honey-colored wood with its natural texture defines the entrance of ​​the apartment and ensures warmth by counteracting smooth and metallic surfaces.

The burnt cement, used for the floor and other surfaces, characterizes the space, conferring it an industrial style and enhancing the simplicity of the chosen materials. Moreover, it reflects the natural light and enhances the luminosity of the kitchen, which was the goal of the project. [Text Anguilla Segura]

See another architecture project by Diego Revollo: 360° Apartment in Alto da Lapa, São Paulo


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