The Winners of the Design Competition Expo 2020 Dubai

The names of the young designers and companies that will represent Lombard design excellence at Expo 2020 Dubai have been announced

Matteo Bellini, Riccardo Carnaghi, Simone Girosa, in collaboration with Italmesh Srl, present Eden: a cube structure with a tilted wall covered by plants that can rotate to offer protection from sunrays. In the evening, thanks to backlit panels, it becomes a lantern

During the Design Week 2019, the winners of the Design Competition Expo Dubai 2020,were announced. Now in its seventh edition, the call for ideas addressed to under 35 designers and Lombardy-based companies asked the participants to develop design ideas concerning “Connecting Spaces”, in line with Expo 2020’s theme “Connecting minds, Creating the future”.

Ofir Elazar Albag, Martin Huba, Omer Alraee, in collaboration with Maco Technology Srl, present Corolla, a weather-responsive, light and flexible roof, relying on soft robotics. An ideal space for coworking and sharing

Spaces connected through design objects that recall the Italian artisanal tradition interpreted in an innovative way (Innovative Crafting), and through digital tools, IoT, new house automation technologies applied to design and information design (Digital Connecting Spaces), or temporary structures designed to connect people (Design for Human Connection).

Arianna Moretti, Sara Marzi with Arten Srl present Fucur, a wood and metal foldable scooter. When folded it can be pulled or put back occupying limited space. Its handlebars can also be used as a support for coordinated accessories

The twenty winners of the Design Competition, awarded with non-repayable grants up to €20.000 to develop their prototypes, will exhibit at Expo 2020 Dubai (20 October 2020 – 10 April 2021).

Gaia Protelli and Caimi Brevetti SpA present LINKING HEARTS, a technology that connects people through acoustic and visual stimuli making their heart beat, displaying their heart rate on the walls

The winning teams will be able to exhibit their products in important Italian venues and during events dedicated to design, to present them to the commissioners involved in the building of the national pavilions and to the UAE market.

Discover the designers of the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020


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