270,000 Knots for Artep Carpets

Artep presents a new limited edition that transforms the soul of the carpet

Mariposa belongs to the collection designed for Artep by designers/artists Silvia Quintanilla and Francesco Rugi (diameter 300 cm)

Artep is a project originated from a long experimentation promoted by the Meglioranzi family, Tiziano and his children Riccardo and Sara. Since the first collaborations with Alessandro Mendini, Nanda Vigo and Ugo La Pietra, Artep has been producing entirely handmade carpets.

It took eight years to create the surprising effect of color and shape that change with light

The carpets by Artep are unique works, addressed to a demanding customer: each knot is handmade, and cotton, wool, viscose, linen, hemp glide and interweave on Indian and Nepali looms.

The latest collection, a limited edition exhibited during the Milan Design Week 2019, is RGB Knots by Carnovsky. It is a collection resulting from the RGB prints realized by artists/designers Silvia Quintanilla and Francesco Rugi, characterized by shapes and colors that change with light. Four drawings that recall nature and anatomy overlap creating stunning effects thanks to 270,000 knots/sq m and colored pigments. [Text Spencer Foil]

Vesalio is another work exhibited by Artep during the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019. Limited edition of 6 pieces



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