Eclisse flush-to-the-wall doors

ECLISSE 40 Collection, the evolution of flush-to-the-wall doors

Eclisse 40 Collection, by Francesco Valentini and Lorenzo Ponzelli, is a collection of doors that are flush-to-the-wall on the one side and splayed on the other, creating a new concept of door whose protagonist is the frame

Eclisse flush-to-the-wall doors
ECLISSE 40 Collection doors are flush-to-the-wall on the one side, with a 40-degree tilted frame on the other

Eclisse 40 Collection is a collection of doors that are flush-to-the-wall on the one side, with a 40-degree tilted frame on the other, designed by two young designers from the Marche region, Francesco Valentini and Lorenzo Ponzelli.

This new product is the result of an in-depth research and a long project that transformed the anonymous and invisible frame into a symbol of beauty and design. Emerging from the wall, the frame of Eclisse elegantly defines the volume of the threshold, allowing separate spaces to communicate. The idea came from the ancient splay, where the wall in correspondence with the windows was tilted and widened towards the room to convey as much light as possible.

ECLISSE 40 Collection uses anodized aluminum frames, a process that protects the frame, making it more resistant to weathering, stains and scratches. While the splay frames the door, giving it depth and a minimal look, the flush-to-the-wall composition allows it to blend in with the wall, using paint or wallpaper.


Francesco Valentini and Lorenzo Ponzelli said: “It all started from the feeling that something was lacking from the door universe. Something that could make the concept of a flush-to-the-wall or minimal door evolve. We thought about something that would leave a mark of its presence, a decoration, not by adding, but by removing material and, from invisible, it had to become visible. All this without neglecting functional and practical aspects: we also wanted to create a protective element for the sharp edges between the wall and the door.”

The Eclisse showroom, via Molino delle Armi 2, Milan

The frames of the ECLISSE 40 Collection are available in light bronze, dark bronze and graphite. They are suitable for both masonry and plasterboard walls. The matching door panels are available in several finishes: rough with primer base, Alkorcell (in brushed white and gray), matt lacquer and wood essence (natural oak, bleached ash, natural ash and matt open-pore lacquered ash in white RAL 9010). Lastly, the 40+uno handle, inspired by the lines of the ECLISSE 40 Collection, also designed by Francesco Valentini and Lorenzo Ponzelli and exclusively produced by Mandelli1953, is made from a single ingot of solid brass and is available in matt satin and glossy nickel or matt graphite and glossy pearl black.











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