Trussardi ‘ready to travel’

Trussardi and the capsule collection dedicated to travel

Trussardi Spring/Summer 2019 pre-collection presents a special wardrobe dedicated to travel.

Ready to go, with a multitude of bags, kit bags, backpacks, tote bags, suitcases with or without wheels, many of them in leather – a distinctive feature of the brand’s DNA – customizable with one’s name.

Urban and nomadic dynamism characterize also menswear and womenswear, which are elegant despite welcoming sportswear influences, in shades of blue, red and beige.

Prints are a tribute to the city of Milan, with motifs inspired by tram trellises, skylines and sunsets over urban landscapes; the camouflage pattern is obtained from photos of iridescent rings on the city’s asphalt after a summer storm, while the tropical oasis on Piazza Duomo inspired stamp-effect graphics with palms.

Denim is characterized by red and white selvage, both for women and men, and treated in three different weights and textures for trousers, jackets and shirts, like a urban uniform.

The iconic greyhound logo appears on garments and accessories, linking them by means of a common thread and a guarantee of the highest artisanal techniques. [Text Giorgia De Sanctis]

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