Instructions for Living on Mars

Mars Case, by the Chinese firm OPEN Architecture, is a capsule-prototype for emergency situations.

In an emergency situation, there may be a need to recycle air, water, food and even garbage: this is why the architects of OPEN Architecture designed Mars Case, a 2.4 x 2.4 x 2 m capsule combining design, technology and architecture.

The structure of Mars Case is divided into two areas. The first space, cube-shaped, houses rooms for biological and technological functions, kitchen and bathroom. The second area, which is spherical, is designed for the more spiritual activities, such as reading, relaxing and sleeping. At the base, a large white square 2×2 meters, floor by day and king-size bed by night.

Round windows give you the feeling of looking at the Earth from a porthole. The domestic appliances (by Chinese company Xiaomi) can be wireless connected, managed via smartphone and integrated into a single platform called The Home.
The capsule can produce energy, air, water in an integrated ecosystem, minimizing the consumptions. This sustainable project, with zero waste, suitable for many situations (even emergency ones), can be arranged anywhere on Earth (or elsewhere), and makes us reflect upon the future and possible living solutions. [Paola Molteni]

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