From India, Marble According to Kunaal Kyhaan

At the Milan Design Week 2019, the capsule collection Yantr by Koy combined the Indian artisan tradition in marble with contemporary technology

Kunaal Kyhaan, founder of Koy

The Indian designer Kunaal Kyhaan, is hosted at PalermoUno gallery (Via Palermo 1, Milan) until mid-July, with an original and contemporary capsule collection of furnishing accessories, launched at Milan Design Week 2019.

Pebble Pouf looks like a totemic pole. A series of large, smooth, irregular pebbles, skillfully carved from blocks of marble, overlap to form a sort of organic sculpture

Thanks to a careful research of marbles all over India, Kunaal created authentic original sculptures, unique in colour and texture, where Indian tradition blends with contemporary technology.

A circle and a stone meet in a balance that symbolizes the harmony between the feminine and masculine elements in Pebble Pendant. A solid and ethereal pendant lamp and an evocative representation of a modern cosmic balance

Yantr by Koy is composed by different items, where technology blends with Indian tradition, keeping its artisan nature.

Granite top for the Fig Dining Table. According to Indian designer Kunaal Kyhaan, Fig is the geometric abstraction of a fig leaf, a thousand-year-old symbol of Indian mythology. The slender supports alternate veins of different marbles and create an evocative and staggered graphic rhythm.

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