Design and Crucial Encounters: Three Podcasts

Destini Incrociati tells the encounter between two people from the world of design

Destini Incrociati is an on-demand audio show that has attracted the attention of many listeners for some time now. This pleasant and interesting cultural radio program tells the encounter between two design icons, provoking emotions not only in the protagonists but also among listeners. Destini Incrociati is a project of the free platform created by author and producer Giacomo Zito and cinema expert Simone Spoladori. Podcasts are available to stream from desktop and mobile browsers and to download from Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and other platforms.

Here are some of the protagonists from the world of design:

Michele De Lucchi – Ettore Sottsass Jr.

 Il pianeta come festival (The planet as a festival): in May 1972 a young student came across an architecture magazine. An article by an out-of-the-box visionary inspired this young man throughout his life. He ended up working with that visionary, learning so much from his life that he built one even more original.


Cesare Cassina – Giò Ponti

 Insostenibile leggerezza (Unbearable lightness): Cesare Cassina, founder of the eponymous furniture company with his brother Umberto, met Giò Ponti on board the Andrea Doria, the transatlantic liner that Cassina furnished in 1953. Cesare was a brave but demanding entrepreneur, who wanted to control everything and easily tore to shreds the work of his employees. Ponti was a free designer, a genius in his field, at the service of clients but always willing to ‘sign’ anything he created. Their relationship was characterized by Ponti’s constant pursue of perfection and Cassina’s commercial ambitions. The result was the iconic Superleggera chair, which, weighting less than 2 kg, turned out to be decisive for the company’s turnover.

Ingvar Kamprad – Gillis Lundgren

 Billy Boys: Ikea. The Swedish furniture giant characterized by its democratic design and functional and economical products, was born from the tenacity and strength of mind of its founder, Ingvar Kamprad. However,

its aesthetics was shaped by Gillis Lundgren, the designer to whom Kamprad soon entrusted the leadership of the creative department of Ikea. Their work, parallel and complementary, has changed the way we think about the way we live and even our lives. [Anguilla Segura]

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