The First Garden by Tom Dixon at the Chelsea Flower Show

Tom Dixon takes part in the Chelsea Flower Show with an installation made in collaboration with Ikea, with a garden and a horticultural laboratory

Design Research Studio – the Research Department of Tom Dixon – developed with Ikea a garden for the Chelsea Flower Show 2019. The name of this indoor botanical and vegetable garden is quite evocative: “Gardening Will Save The World”.

The flower and vegetable garden is divided into two levels and accommodates over 4,000 plants in an environment arranged for aeroponic growing. Aeroponics, derived from hydroponics, consists in growing plants without the use of soil or water since they are grown in a nutrient-laden mist.

Cork floors and stairs guide the visitors on the two levels, through the expanse of plants, along an educational and relaxing path. Tom Dixon chose cork for this space because of its design versatility and sustainability.

The garden also hosts a mushroom cave featuring biodegradable 3D printed soil sculptures. There Reishi mushrooms grow, used in Chinese medicine and well-known in the Western world for their anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties.

Tom Dixon’s project legitimizes gardening as a new trend in interior design.

The garden by Tom Dixon and Ikea is at the Chelsea Flower Show from 21 to 25 May 2019. The Chelsea Flowers Show is an event organized by The Royal Horticultural Society. [Roberta Mutti]

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