Domitilla Dardi: (EDIT) Napoli, design by designers

A new event for those who love Italian design: EDIT Napoli is a trade fair dedicated to design by designers, debuting June 7 to 9 in the Monastery of San Domenico Maggiore, Naples. (On June 6, press preview and opening).
The first edition hosts 60 selected exhibitors, local and international players, designers, artisans and small and brands. Based on an idea by Domitilla Dardi and Emilia Petruccelli, EDIT Napoli will welcome international buyers looking for the finest Italian design at affordable prices.

Menhir bench, by Dirk Vander Kooij

We invited Domitilla Dardi, curator of EDIT Napoli and curator of the design exhibitions at MAXXI in Rome, to talk a little more about the philosophy of EDIT Napoli.

Where did the idea of EDIT Napoli come from?

EDIT Napoli comes from the addition of different experiences, mine and that of Emilia Petruccelli. My professional experience is mainly as a curator, while Emilia is very experienced in selling selected designer furniture, thanks to the Galleria Mia in Rome, founded 10 years ago and now a benchmark for fans of affordable good design.
Then we realized that there was room for something different, in a market featuring mainly big fairs, huge and scattered, and in the end not very appealing for buyers not interested in big brands, or exhibitions of limited editions very expensive, and unaffordable for most of the public.

Console Eterea, by Simone Crestani, photo by Alberto Parise.

Affordable design

International buyers are more and more looking for products to furnish the whole house, as the fully furnished house is a very popular trend in the world. EDIT Napoli is therefore the link between designers and small businesses, and the buyers looking for an alternative to big brands; many small companies make high quality products, but then they have troubles in finding the right customers. In our opinion, the market lacks trade shows for these specific situations, small trade fairs for small-scale quality productions.

Pottery Paros, by Rometti.

The uniqueness of EDIT Napoli, therefore, is to be a trade fair, where buyers find products ready for the market. Not prototypes, nor limited editions, but authentic products at affordable prices.

Sunrise and Sunset, coffee tables design by Artefatto, for De Castelli.

Naples, international city

Other than the quality of the products, the other strength of EDIT Napoli is the location, the complex of the Monastery of San Domenico Maggiore, in Naples city center. Naples is an international and cosmopolitan city, rich in history and culture, representing the ideal hub of Southern Europe. Along with the beauty of the city, the Monastery is a historical setting, perfect to host the little design stories on display, described without any hurry, respecting the right times, to fully understand the value of these products.

Cul-de-Sac small armchair by Nayef Francis, photo by Karen & Josette.

For the first edition of EDIT Napoli we selected 60 exhibitors, in an very simple setting and with no partitions. We didn’t want to overload such a naturally dramatic venue with heavy displays, and we allocated the same spaces to all exhibitors, divided into two modules: a small one and a large one.

The goal is an exhibition combining beautiful products with a quality setting, in a striking atmosphere. The most qualified buyers now expect beauty across the board, and with EDIT Napoli we hope to meet this growing demand.

Discover EDIT Napoli here


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