Wallover, the furnishing system by Caccaro

sistema d'arredo wallover by caccaro

Wallover, the Caccaro furnishing system that makes it possible to customize every space of the house without compromising on practicality and functionality Wallover is the furnishing system by Caccaro that includes horizontal and vertical storage units designed to furnish the walls with rhythm and proportions that give an architectural touch to domestic spaces. The possibility […]

Arte Brotto presents the Vero table

Arte Brotto Tavolo Vero in legno massiccio

Available in walnut or oak, Vero is the new table from Arte Brotto that preserves the energy and aesthetics of the centuries-old tree to which it belongs Based in Rosà (Vicenza), furniture company Arte Brotto launches the Vero table, a piece of furniture that is also a work of art preserving all the energy and […]

The world furniture market in 2022

CSIL-Centre for Industrial Studies has presented the Word Furniture Outlook 2021 with the forecasts about the furniture market for 2022 According to CSIL, the furniture industry has doubled its volume from 2000 to 2021, reaching a worldwide volume of about $500 million, which will be surpassed in 2022. The pandemic has had very little effect […]

Wallover by Caccaro: storing sculptures

Caccaro presents Wallover, the storage system that designs the walls of the house Sensoriality, rhythm, light and self-expression are the principles that Caccaro wants to pursue to develop innovative design systems unrelated to passing fads, which allow you to “dress” the house like a tailor-made suit, without sacrificing practicality and functionality. The innovative Wallover System, […]

Paolo Castelli: luxury and sustainable furniture

Paolo Castelli, entrepreneur, talks about the many faces of the furniture industry Paolo Castelli, a dynamic entrepreneur, has a long experience in the production of furniture. With Paolo Castelli spa, he has diversified production into different branches, each of which has a different focus, and which together make Paolo Castelli spa a modern company with […]

Selling furniture online after the pandemic

E-commerce after the pandemic: what has changed in consumer behavior? The pandemic has induced an abrupt discontinuity in many habits, including consumer behavior. Beyond purely numerical data, it is interesting to analyze what scenarios lie ahead for the years to come, after this forced pause. The 7th Pambianco Design Summit, held in July 2021, confirms […]