Rehau and the Future Apartment

At Interzum Rehau presents its innovations along an engaging and interactive path

Rehau, a leading company in services and solutions in polymer materials for the construction, automotive and industry sectors, presented, on the occasion of its 60th participation in the international trade fair Interzum, the apartment of the future conceived by multidisciplinary design studio Ippolito Fleitz Group.

Going beyond the traditional concept of furniture, Rehau took visitors on an engaging and highly interactive journey in which smart surfaces, digitally printed edgebands and technological tambour systems showed how technical innovation can inspire new design perspectives and experiments.

Intelligent and emotional functions generated a perfect synesthesia between matter and technology, creating original elements and revealing the potential of a solid know-how and an innovative vision for the future and contemporary furniture design.

The kitchen becomes interactive thanks to the application of smart functions to RAUVISIO surfaces and RAUVOLET systems. The living area generates new and evocative atmospheres through the skilful use of RAUKANTEX lite backlit edgeband. The bathroom becomes a space dedicated to wellness thanks to control interfaces on RAUVISIO crystal surfaces and lighting fixtures on the edge of washbasins and bath tubs.

Finally, next to the apartment of the future, a large space was dedicated to the new products by REHAU, providing furniture manufacturers, architects and interior designers with the tools for greater creative freedom following the cultural principles of contemporary society. [Text Chiara Sgreccia]

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