MuDeTo: The Online Museo del Design Toscano – from the 1970s to the 2010s and beyond

MuDeTo: the online Museo del Design Toscano is at your fingertips, accessible on smartphone and tablet

Accessible from smartphone, tablet or PC, MuDeTo offers an overview of the great masters who make up the excellence of Tuscan creativity and presents what happens “behind the scenes”: designers and companies that contributed to the history of Tuscan design, less known but no less important.

Alessandro Becchi, Anfibio – convertible sofa bed, 1970, Giovannetti Collezioni | © photo & courtesy Giovannetti Collezioni

The goal of MuDeTo is to make the setting where an important part of Italian design originated known to the public before it is completely forgotten.

Carlo Bimbi, Nilo Gioacchini, Quadrone – upholstered modular system, convertible two armchairs / single bed, 2018 (reissue), Bardi | © photo & courtesy Bardi Italy

“Without undergrowth, no forest can survive long,” say founders Gianfranco Gualtierotti, Umberto Rovelli and Luigi Trenti. From Anfibio, the convertible sofa bed designed by Alessandro Becchi for Giovannetti Collezioni to the Quadrone modular armchairs by Carlo Bimbi and Nilo Gioacchini, to A90/Studio, the drafting machine designed by Paolo Parigi and produced by Heron Parigi, many products and designers must not be forgotten in order to have a clearer picture of contemporary complexity.

Paolo Parigi, A.90/Studio – drafting machine, 1975, Heron Parigi | © photo courtesy archive Heron Parigi – Paolo Parigi’s heirs

MuDeTo wants to be a digital archive for educational purposes that plans, through partnerships already established, to extend on a national scale, highlighting fundamental designs that are little known to the general public. [Chiara Sgreccia]

Studio Archirivolto – Claudio Dondoli, Marco Pocci, Cayman – swivel stool, 2005, Fasem | © photo Fasem, courtesy: Studio Archirivolto – Fasem

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