Riva by Movitra: An Eyewear Collaboration

Riva, the universally renowned brand for its luxury boats made in Italy collaborates with Movitra to create unique sunglasses Top boat brand Riva and eyewear company Movitra have joined forces to create out of the box sunglasses, splendid and elegant, 100% Made in Italy. Aquarama is the result of the scratch-proof design patented by Movitra […]

Crazy Paper, the New Fiberglass Covering Collection by MOMENTI®


Crazy Paper coverings may be used on any surface – floors, ceilings, walls, shelves – to customize any kind of space MOMENTI®, an Emilia Romagna-based company specializing in furnishing elements, combining the charm of art with good design, revolutionizes the world of interior design with Crazy Paper, a new collection of original and innovative coverings. […]

Color, Food and Recycling –

The choice of color in architecture is very important because it has an impact on those living in a space. Voice of Colour, a roadshow in 7 cities organized by Sigma Coatings, deals with this issue. A chef is also a craftsman, says Eugenio Boer. We met him in his new restaurant, Altrimenti. A handy […]