Crazy Paper, the New Fiberglass Covering Collection by MOMENTI®

Crazy Paper coverings may be used on any surface – floors, ceilings, walls, shelves – to customize any kind of space

MOMENTI®, an Emilia Romagna-based company specializing in furnishing elements, combining the charm of art with good design, revolutionizes the world of interior design with Crazy Paper, a new collection of original and innovative coverings.

Crazy Paper coverings are not just wallpapers, but fiberglass coverings, characterized by extraordinary performance, that can be used in any kind of indoor or outdoor space: from domestic environments to gyms, from swimming pools to spas, from gardens to yachts.

With Crazy paper you can decorate and customize the floors, ceilings, walls and shelves of any environment, both private and public.


The acoustic fiber (100% polyester) with honeycomb structure of each covering is sound absorbing, making it perfect for spaces such as restaurants, hotels, or bars.


Numerous patterns are available. It is possible to customize each graphic from the collection in line with one’s taste and needs and to adjust the size to the available spaces.

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