Riva by Movitra: An Eyewear Collaboration

Riva, the universally renowned brand for its luxury boats made in Italy collaborates with Movitra to create unique sunglasses

Top boat brand Riva and eyewear company Movitra have joined forces to create out of the box sunglasses, splendid and elegant, 100% Made in Italy.

The distinctive arms of Aquarama recall the keel of Aquarama Super yacht

Aquarama is the result of the scratch-proof design patented by Movitra and the unmistakable style of Riva’s fleet, an object whose arms recall the sinuous shape of Aquarama Super. This accessory recalls the iconic Ariston model for the distinctive shape of air inlets and Riva’s aquamarine color.

Riva by Movitra Aquarama glasses will be available from the end of June in Riva boutiques

Riva by Movitra Aquarama sunglasses will be available in black and white at Riva boutiques and later online (www.rivaboutique.it).[Text Isabelle Fournier]

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