Smart Coatings by Sigma Coatings

Sigma Coatings presents Façade Putz Self-Clean and Façade Topcoat Matt, the new products for outdoor use that counteract the damages caused by smog and facilitate professionals’ work even with bad weather conditions

It is no news that urban smog has many harmful effects. Among them, one is often understated: the aesthetic consequences of pollution on the façades.

Façade Putz Self-Clean: smog on the facade has a short life

 Over time, atmospheric pollution takes the brightness away from the colors of the façades. Ordinary paints absorb all the particles that are present in the air lending an unaesthetic gray to façades, compromising their beauty. This is a serious damage if we consider the high costs to restyle a building.

Sigma Coatings laboratories worked out a solution to this problem, providing the market with an alternative to traditional coatings.

Sigma’s Self Clean is a range of products able to give façades a self-cleaning power thanks to the special Self Clean Technology: the micro-charges, of just some nanometers, make the surfaces so compact that dirt particulate cannot penetrate the coating.

In this way, harmful polluting particles stay on the surface, where they are easily removed by rain.

Today Façade Putz Self-Clean joins the Self Clean line. This new coating has the perfect thickness for façades, insulation systems, surfaces in reinforced concrete and plasters, it is highly resistant to weathering and water repellant (class W3 EN 1062).

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Façade Putz Self-Clean joins Façade Topcoat Self-Clean, the water-based self-cleaning finish with special NPS patent (Nanometric Painting System) for highly durable and bright colors.

Façade Putz Self-Clean and Façade Topcoat Self-Clean are the ideal solutions for highly trafficked areas, where the aggressive action of smog jeopardizes both the aspect and the integrity of façades.

Façade Topcoat Matt: bad weather won’t stop professionals anymore

We all know that bad weather conditions may cause major disruption to work, seriously compromising the final result.

Sigma Coatings researchers worked to solve this problem with the new Quick Rain Resistance technology applied to the new formula of Façade Topcoat Matt, which becomes rainproof in 20 seconds.

Therefore, surfaces are able to stay unchanged in spite of rain. Sigma Façade Topcoat Matt can be applied in any season, directly on the wall without using a primer, at temperatures between 2°C and 35°C. It is extremely resistant to weathering, with anti-carbonation power class C1 EN 1062-6, water repellant (class W3 EN 1062), and it ensures high durability to colors. [Giuseppe D’Orsi]

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