WallPepper H2O, Water and Moisture Resistant Wallpaper

WallPepper H2O is the wallpaper that allows you to decorate interior walls or façades in damp environments

The trend of wallpaper is growing and it gives us many ideas to make our homes unique thanks to emotional feelings. Wallpepper H2O offers a wide collection of wallpapers for spaces such as bathrooms, wellness areas, kitchens, or outdoor spaces.

WallPepper H2O is the result of the combination of fiberglass and the protective resin WallSilk CAT. Moreover, adding the WallSilk K epoxy, it becomes the ideal solution even for ‘extreme’ situations such as in immersion.

With WallPepper H2O, designing a decoration also for complex spaces becomes a stimulating game where the design of the wallpaper sets the tone for the environment making it unique.Original designs and a range of colors from right to delicate are able to create elegant, lively, amazing environments.

All Wallpepper designs are available in the WallPepper H2O version. [Giuseppe D’Orsi]

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