Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale

Fiskars in Finland will be hosting the first edition of the Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale until September 15th

Social Seating Exhibition, “Sitsit”, Simo Heikkilä, foto Kerttu Penttila

For the first time the Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale gathers Finnish and international artists and designers in the picturesque setting of Fiskars. An old industrial village surrounded by the forest and founded in 1649 in southern Finland, where many craftsmen and artists decided to live, enthralled by local nature, history and traditions.

Beings Exhibition, “Before I die, I shall eat a museum”, 2019, Louise Waite. Foto Kerttu Penttila

The Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale consists of three main exhibitions: Social Seating, curated by Jasper Morrison, presents a selection of benches designed by 18 international designers including Martino Gamper, Hugo Passos, Wataru Kumano and Maria Jeglinska; Factory, curated by Anniina Koivu, looks at contemporary design comparing new and traditional production processes; Beings, the contemporary art exhibition by Jenni Nurmenniemi explores the coexistence between human beings, materials, technologies on Earth.

Factory Exhibition, foto Onoma/Topi Pakarinen)

In addition to the three main exhibitions, there is also a rich program of side events to enliven the historical village of Fiskars with concerts, workshops, installations and art, design and music performances related to sustainable development. [Text Arianna Callocchia]

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Beings Exhibition, “Violet Universe: Coral Bones”, Ramina Habibollah. Foto Kerttu Penttila

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