Heckfield Place: From an Ancient Manor House to a Boutique Hotel

Architecture firm Spratley & Partners brings back to life a Georgian house in Hampshire turning it into a boutique hotel


Heckfield Place, in Hampshire, south-west of London, is a historic manor house that used to be the home of an aristocratic family. Today, thanks to architecture firm Spratley & Partners, it has become a boutique hotel surrounded by a large estate.

The original structures were transformed into a conference center at the end of the 1990s and a building was added in 1980. All the buildings have been renovated and transformed into a hotel that hosts 38 rooms and communal spaces such as a cinema, a spa and two restaurants.


Not only hospitality: Heckfield Place is also a biodynamic farm, paying particular attention to environmental sustainability.

The exterior of the building has been restored to its original splendor, recovering all the decorations; also in the interiors a ‘cleaning’ operation has been carried out, eliminating all the finishes that had covered the original materials over time. Thus, among the rooms, it is possible to admire again the ancient fireplaces, the exposed beams that support the ceiling and even some of the stuccoes that used to adorn the residence.

The interiors were designed by Ben Thompson, who has chosen a palette of calming colors – gray, green, blue – that repeat throughout the facility. Many furnishings have been handmade by local artisans. [Text Francesca Tagliabue – ph: @Heckfield, Peter Cook]

Discover also AUGust: in Antwerp, a former convent converted into a hotel by Vincent Van Duysen


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