Axolight: Emotional Lighting

Axolight presents its new catalogue “Luce è Colore” and four artworks that stir emotions

On the occasion of the launch of the new catalogue “Luce è colore” (“Light is color”), Axolight, company specializing in decorative lighting, presented a new version of some of the most representative – now iconic – products, such as Melting Pot, Orchid and U-Light, as well as the new Ego collection characterized by rigorous and minimal shapes.

Orchid, the floral lamp designed by Rainer Mutsch, is enriched by the new anthracite finish – which joins the sand and white versions – and a new table lamp. Orchid is a multidirectional lamp that emits direct or soft light, thanks to funnel-shaped diffusers made of aluminum and equipped with dimmable LED technology.

Delicate shapes characterize this object designed by Rainer Mutsch, now available in the new anthracite finish and in the table version. Orchid recalls the simple harmony of nature

The new Ego collection represents the meeting point between lightness and technology: it can be adjusted and is available in the ceiling and wall-mounted versions, with dimmable LED light. Its main brass body emits a punctual light that can be used to illuminate objects in an exhibition space or at home.

The new Ego collection by Axolight was designed by team of Axolight Lab in collaboration with lighting designer Flavio Venturelli

Timo Ripatti is the author of U-Light, a work designed in space, with lightweight aluminum elements, now available with a diameter of 180 cm, suitable for contract and hospitality spaces.

U-Light, by Timo Ripatti

Finally, among the redesigned products we can also mention Melting Pot, a sort of Tower of Babel, designed by Sandro Santantonio, evoking the sculptures by Japanese artist Jun Kaneki. Available in pink, powder pink, light blue and abstract patterns for a complete customization. [Text Anguilla Segura]

Melting Pot is the union of different elements that, combined, form a particular architectural structure

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