Architect@Work Is Coming to Turin and Milan

Architect@Work will be back in 2019 in two cities: Turin, 23-24 October, and Milan, 13-14 November

Since its debut in Italy in 2014, the success and popularity of Architect@Work have grown rapidly, thanks to an innovative and stimulating formula. Architect@Work is not a simple exhibition but an authentic fair that offers architects concrete tools to carry out their work in the best possible way and allows them to receive up to 7 professional training credits per day.

Admission is free for professionals, upon registration on the website

To register for the Turin edition, click here

To register for the Milan edition, click here

A technical committee selects interesting and recently-developed materials and products, presented by the companies in an exhibition area with small pre-arranged stands. However, the exhibition area is just a part of the event. Architect@Work also consists of networking moments and training areas, becoming a sort of “square” for exchanging projects and ideas.

Conferences and seminars at Architect@Work for professional training credits

Conferences and seminars play a key role: architects attending the seminars will receive up to 7 CFP per day (professional training credits for their continuing education).

The theme of the two 2019 editions will be “IN/OUT: circular economy in architecture”. Not only does IN/OUT refer to indoor and outdoor, as components of a project, but it also takes on a broader meaning, linked to the circularity of the project, which must pay attention to the continuous regeneration of materials, a necessary requirement for environmental sustainability nowadays.

“IN/OUT – architecture and materials” will also be the theme of an exhibition curated by architect Arianna Callocchia, which will illustrate the technical performance of materials along a path where indoor/outdoor space defines a fluid circuit, and visitors will be able to have a tactile and sensory experience, with interactive installations. [Roberta Mutti]

Architect@Work will be in Turin, at Lingotto Fiere, on 23-24 October, 1-8 pm; in Milan, at MiCo Milano Congressi, on 13-14 November, 1-8 pm.

Admission is free for professionals, upon registration on the website Architect(at) with code 3200

On the website you can also find the complete list of seminars granting up to 7 professional training credits per day as well as the complete list of exhibitors

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