Visual Display renovates the Vitello d’Oro restaurant

The desire of renewal while maintaining a traditional imprint is the starting point of the renovation project of the Vitello d’oro restaurant

Entrance to Il Vitello d’Oro restaurant in Udine

It stems from the need to renew itself to become a benchmark for the catering industry in the area. We are talking about the restaurant   Vitello d’Oro   a fish restaurant based in Udine, in the very heart of the city. The chef and the maître, who are also brothers, first of all wanted to satisfy customers, therefore the design of the interiors was an important issue. Hence started the collaboration of the two Sabinot brothers with the design studio Visual Display, which has managed to keep an appropriate and ideal atmosphere for the kind of clientele taking into consideration the trends of the moment.

From the main entrance you enter a room accompanied by a dim light (brass pendant lamps by Gervasoni in hammered matt brass) that illuminates the majestic five-meter table in plane wood

The project initially developed with the renovation of the interior and then with the external façade, to finally reach what has become a sort of ‘flagship’ and a point of attraction for those who visit the venue: the restaurant rests on a section of the city walls that, once restored, was skillfully illuminated and enhanced.

Natural light gently penetrates through the skylight maintaining, even in this case, a relaxing atmosphere. The flooring is in dark oak parquet with Italian herringbone

The lobby area welcomes customers on soft padded sofas. A five-meter table in plane wood stands out in the central area, illuminated by three large brass pendant lamps. The restaurant room, characterized by delicate windows in burnished copper, glass and fabric, is split into three elegant rooms: in the first, the wooden ceiling creates a welcoming and cozy atmosphere; in the second, a skylight allows natural light to penetrate easily; in the last one, the fireplace and a wall-paneling in green lacquered oak are the key elements.


The first floor, occupied by the restrooms, has been entirely renovated according to a design by Visual Display. The exterior of the restaurant is characterized by rust-colored furnishings and stone flooring.

[Text: Samantha Polvere; Ph: Alessandro Paderni / Eye Studio]

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The old Friuli ‘fogolar’ has been replaced by a more modern fireplace in the third space. The rust velvet sofa has been specially designed by La Cividina for the restaurant

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