The New Headquarters of Progetto CMR, an Example of Sustainable Architecture

Progetto CMR celebrates its 25th anniversary with new headquarters in Milan

The new headquarters of Progetto CMR, inspired by the principles of sustainability and smart working

Smart working and sustainability lie at the heart of the project of the new headquarters of Progetto CMR, located at via Russoli 6, Milan.

Detail of the façade of the headquarters of Progetto CMR

The buildings are south east of Milan and they have undergone a complete requalification in terms of structures and plants, allowing for a greater reduction of consumptions, CO2 emissions, better management of ventilation and air conditioning, relying on recycled materials.

View of the workstations

Another interesting characteristic of these offices is represented by different kinds of seats and workstations, allowing for both traditional sit-down meetings and more informal stand-up conversations. All the semifloors are equipped with touchdown spaces and soundproof pods have been included for confidential conversations. The project founded in 1994 by architect and founder Massimo Roj has evolved to represent ‘the Italian House of Architecture’. [Text Spencer Foil]

An area of the new headquarters of Progetto CMR. The building, consists of six semifloors conceived to host different functions and activities

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