Soul_Tech by Mario Alessiani, technology and craftsmanship

Soul_Tech, by Mario Alessiani, is a project that integrates technology and craftsmanship. A collection of very original objects, made of unusual materials if we consider the functions they perform. Mario Alessiani is a designer who perfectly represents the spirit of Millennials; his projects are based on the search for artisanal excellence that mass production has progressively lost.

Wireless charger, Soul_Tech Collection, by Mario Alessiani

A Bluetooth speaker, a wireless charger and a pen for touch screens, the objects that make up Mario Alessiani’s Soul_Tech collection, are everyday objects usually made of plastic.

Speaker bluetooth

The speaker of the Soul_Tech collection is made of etched iron and glass, the battery charger is made of wood, brass and copper, the digital pen is made of brass and aluminum. Thanks to these materials, these objects become also pleasing to the eye, adding aesthetic value to their practical function.

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These materials are seldom used to build objects of this kind. The challenge for a designer, in the 2010s, is to design more sustainable models of production, even for everyday objects such as those of the Soul_Tech collection.

With this project, Alessiani wants to show that even a craftsman can create sophisticated objects, with a technological soul. A modern interpretation of the Italian tradition of craftsmanship.

According to Alessiani, the only way to do this is to find a balance between quality, cost and beauty in every project.

The complete Soul_Tech Collection

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