The Chapel of Silence in Helsinki

The Kamppi Chapel, located on Narinkka Square, is a place where you can meditate and find yourself in one of the busiest areas of Helsinki

View of the ceiling of the Kamppi Chapel. Ph: © Tuomas Uusheimo / K2S Architects

The project, by Finnish practice K2S Architects, integrates with the urban setting with a curved façade entirely made of spruce, which defines the volume of the building and shelters its visitors from outdoor chaos.

Exterior view of the Kamppi Chapel. Ph: © Marko Huttunen / K2S Architects

The sacred space of the Kamppi Chapel is illuminated by soft light from above that gently touches the curved surfaces of the chapel, favoring meditation and recollection, away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

The interior of the chapel. Ph: © Tuomas Uusheimo / K2S Architects

Natural materials such as oiled alder wood for interior surfaces and solid wood for furnishings make the chapel particularly warm.

Detail of the wooden altar. Ph: © Tuomas Uusheimo / K2S Architects

Only the consecrated area of the chapel is contained within the wooden volume. Restrooms and secondary spaces are hosted in an adjacent space open to the square, where it is possible to meet priests and social workers every day.

Detail of the curved spruce façade. Ph: © Marko Huttunen / K2S Architects

[Text: Arianna Callocchia]

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