Rubber design and circular economy

A selection of functional and innovative products, made with the rubber of end-of-life tires


The rubber of end-of-life tires favors the circular economy system, thanks to the multiple recycling and reuse possibilities offered by this material. By extending its life cycle, it increases its social and environmetal value and makes it possible to reduce waste. Rubber design combines creativity and sustainability in a process of regeneration of materials.

Recycle, innovation and creativity



Rubber skateboard by Paolo Stefano Gentile

This project was conceived by Paolo Stefano Gentile from NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti.
The characteristics of this skateboard are traction, resistance and elasticity, which are the same as rubber tires, made of a circular material that preserves its technical properties over time. During the recycling process, rubber is shredded and transformed into grains, which preserves the intrinsic properties of the material.

This collection of skateboards stands out for its graphics and colors that recall traditional athletic tracks. This project is supported by ECOPNEUS and CASEI ECO-SYSTEM.


Rubber and brass containers

The combination between a circular material such as post-consumer recycled rubber and a noble material such as brass generated a new collection of trays. Characterized by neat and soft lines and a simple design, these containers show that waste can be enhanced and reused in a new productive process, also combined with different materials.


Rubber and cork table lamp

The characteristics of this table lamp in cork and recycled rubber are elasticity and strength, which allow the material to create soft and minimal shapes. Light intensity can be adjusted by tilting the top of the lamp.

design-in -gomma-seduta-per-esterno

Matrec outdoor seats

Recycled rubber is perfect for street furniture. The result of the project promoted by Ecopneus and developed by Matrec is a collection of chairs for public outdoor spaces.

Tire stool by Asger Trost

The contrast between the recycled matte rubber surface and the glossy finish of the metal structure makes the seat soft and comfortable. This stool is available in three colors. [Text Carlotta Russo]

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