Acerbis Settles in Milan

After MDF Italia’s acquisition, Acerbis collections find their place in the center of Milan

The Maxwell marble table, 2014, and the Jot chair, 1976. Historic and contemporary Acerbis collection

A new chapter for Acerbis starts in a showroom on Via della Chiusa, Milan, a short distance from 5vie, one of the districts of the Milan Design Week.

Acerbis historic collection

MDF Italia showroom dedicates a special setting to Acerbis collections, including both historic products and contemporary collections.

Acerbis collection in the showroom

A temporary exhibition of the products from the historical archives welcomes the visitors at the entrance. There they find the Solemio luminous shelf with rotating mirror, 1983, and the Brooklyn bookshelf, 1977, both designed by Lodovico Acerbis and Giotto Stoppino.

Solemio luminous shelf with rotating mirror from the Acerbis historic collection

On the lower floor, the 250 sq m surface area is entirely dedicated to Acerbis. The contemporary collections for the living area are designed by internationally renowned designers. They stand out for the great attention paid to construction details and precious materials.

Acerbis and MDF Italia represent minimal furniture meeting different tastes. Their products share material and formal research based on essential and refined elegance.

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