maisonFire Water-Powered Electric Fireplaces

The warm atmosphere of maisonFire

maisonFire creates decorative fireplaces for modern homes

maisonFire Water-Powered Electric Fireplaces
Built in bio-fireplace Incasso 125 with double burner, available in the frontal and double sided versions

Water-powered electric fireplaces by maisonFire are much more than simple fireplaces: they are authentic furnishing accessories that heat the environment. Relying on ultrasonic technology, they reproduce smoke with steam, while colored LED lamps recall burning wood and, sometimes, even its sound.

maisonFire Water-Powered Electric Fireplaces
The Cemento fireplace is a simple shelf finished with concrete and glass

Water-powered electric fireplaces can be easily placed in any room and their operation costs are relatively low (they need one liter of water for a 12 hour flame and use 200 W/hour).

Incasso 120 Bio is a built-in bio-fireplace by maisonFire relying on a plant-based alcohol that produces neither smell nor smoke

MaisonFire produces and sells also bio-ethanol fireplaces, using a plant-based alcohol that produces neither smell nor smoke. They do not need a chimney or special permissions to be installed and, since they do not produce ash, they do not need special maintenance and can be placed virtually anywhere to reproduce the magic of a fireplace. Entirely manufactured in Italy, maisonFire solutions comply with the European Standard EN 16647. [Text Anguilla Segura]

maisonFire Water-Powered Electric Fireplaces
Thanks to the ultrasonic technology introduced by maisonFire, it is easy to have the beauty and the magic of the fireplace at home. In the picture, Rigoletto water-powered electric fireplace

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