IN&OUT Architecture and Materials at Architect@Work Milano 2019

On 13-14 November, Architect@Work Milano will host the exhibition “IN&OUT Architecture and Materials”, curated by architect Arianna Callocchia, organized by magazines OFArch and DDN

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Architect Arianna Callocchia at Architect@Work Torino 2019

“The exhibition IN&OUT architecture and materials – explains the curator – aims at presenting the concepts of requalification, regeneration, recycling and reuse in architecture, both in interior and exterior spaces. The continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces in architecture lies at the heart of the concept of ‘loop’ that characterizes the lifecycle of these materials, which can be used more than once thanks to new recycling and reuse technologies.”

Architect@Work Torino 2019

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The exhibition layout represents the concept of ‘loop’ and ‘infinite.’ Two cylindrical envelopes, an open and a closed one, are connected and interpenetrate. In this way they generate one single architectural element where the two spaces communicate in a seamless transition.

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Architect@Work Torino 2019

A continuous and fluid exhibition path

Even the exhibition path is conceived as a continuous, uninterrupted smooth circuit. Visitors enter and exit open or closed spaces, exploring the exhibition and the materials shown from different angles and perspectives. All the materials displayed during the exhibition IN&OUT Architecture and Materials at Architect@Work– natural or artificial, traditional or state-of-the-art – have been selected because of their characteristics and properties related with sustainability, recycling and innovation, both IN and OUTdoors.

The tactile and sensory experience given by the exhibition illustrates the technical performance of the materials, their architectural applications and their possible use in the field of reuse and recovery. Ultimately, the exhibition aims at encouraging architects, designers and businesses to embark on a journey to responsible design. A deep knowledge of the characteristics of the materials allows architects to enhance their projects, also from an environmental point of view.

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For the third time at Architect@Work, the Photo Wall shows 60 projects in architecture, furniture, lighting design, from This platform gathers many profiles of architects, landscape architects, engineers, designers, lighting designers and photographers.

Architect@Work Torino 2019,

Siamo tutti nella stessa acqua – ARTE by Marillina Fortuna

Among this year’s exhibitions we can mention Siamo tutti nella stessa acqua – ARTE, di Marillina Fortuna (We are all in the same water! ART by Marillina Fortuna). The artist, who has always worked in communications, over time, has developed an increasing interest in the environment. Water, the subject of the exhibition, is the primary source of life, a precious yet scarce resource, the element that generates and regenerates. [Text Anguilla Segura]

Architect@Work Torino 2019, exhibition “Siamo tutti nella stessa acqua”, by Marillina Fortuna

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