Absolut Vodka

The new and sustainable Absolut Vodka’s limited edition bottle

Absolut Vodka, with its new limited edition, Absolut Comeback, encourages its consumers to recycle and preserve the future of the Earth

Absolut Vodka

Since October 2019 the Limited Edition bottle of Absolut Vodka, the result of conscious and smart glass recycling, has been available in over 80 countries. With it, Absolut Vodka wants to draw attention to the respect for our planet and sustainability.

Absolut Vodka encourages a circular lifestyle

Moreover, this bottle represents the willingness to express, through recycling, a new form of creativity. Thanks to the project Absolut Comeback, it was possible to customize its shape and turn it into the manifesto of the campaign ‘Create a Better Tomorrow, Tonight’. With the initiative #RecyclingHero we can create a better future.


Absolut Vodka

In addition to the limited edition bottle, it is also available a guide with suggestions for a waste-free circular economy. [Text Anguilla Segura]


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