An apartment in Rome, reminiscent of a classic palace, with the help of Neolith

Architects Roberto Bassignani and Stefano De Vecchis designed a spacious apartment in the centre of Rome, with a classic style. The customers’ desire was a pure and essential architecture, inspired by Roman classicism, with neutral colours and natural materials.

Neolith is 100% natural stone, so it’s a perfect material for walls and floors. The white Carrara and Black Marquina finishes impress with their accuracy and attention to detail, and the material features unique mechanical strength requirements.

For the walls and floors of the entire apartment, the the architects chose the polished Estatuario, a classic finish perfect to create the atmosphere of the ancient Roman palaces. The glossy white applied to the large surfaces opposes the dark grey of the Pietra di Piombo finish, which outlines paths and functions, and the light grey of Pietra di Luna Silk, applied to the balcony. The three colours are perfectly integrated, for a refined and elegant, classic and essential allure.

Neolith sintered stone: perfect for bathroom finishes

The Neolith sintered stone and the wide range of finishes and colors offered a wide choice for walls and floors of the three bathrooms.

For the master bathroom, the architects chose the glossy Black Marquina, to create a strong contrast with the white, polished Carrara Estatuario of the living room. It is a classic cladding, as a Roman palace.

Light brown and tobacco shades define the guest bathroom with the Pulpis Polished finish. Warm and delicate colors create a refined and sophisticated look with a relaxed atmosphere.

Finally, the children’s bathroom features an equally elegant but much more casual atmosphere, with Pietra di Luna Silk and Lava. A combination of rich surfaces and warm colors softens the atmosphere, making it less formal and more playful.

Neolith, thanks to its high resistance to agents, shocks, stains, scratches, and the infinite range of sizes, colors, and finishes, is an ideal choice for wall and floor coverings, allowing you to create different atmospheres.


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