FIMI 2019: India and Made in Italy Meet

Messe Frankfurt Italia presents the eighth edition of FIMI, the forum on the internationalization of Made in Italy, this year dedicated to India

On December 10th, 2019, Messe Frankfurt Italia, in collaboration with Design Diffusion World, at Fondazione Catella, via Gaetano de Castillia 28, Milan, will present the eighth edition of FIMI, Forum Internazionalizzazione del Made in Italy, focused on the theme “India and Made in Italy. Technology and Design in a new market perspective.”

FIMI 2019 discovers India

The event will illustrate the territorial, social and cultural characteristics of India, a fast developing country. The scheduled interventions will highlight the profiles and needs of Indian consumers, as well as current purchasing trends. Moreover, the Forum will analyze in detail the retail market and the contract&hospitality industry of the country.

FIMI 2019

Detlef Braun, Member of the Executive Board of Messe Frankfurt, explains: “Following two editions dedicated to China, this year FIMI has a new destination, India, where Messe Frankfurt has been present for over twenty years, with a branch in Mumbai and another in New Delhi, for a total of 120 employees, 20 trade fairs and 30 conferences. This forum aims to offer concrete contents to Italian companies that intend to operate in a complex area of the world with a high potential. It is also necessary to understand the local culture and to adopt a structured yet flexible approach.”

Meetings and debates reveal the identity of the country, suggesting how to invest in the Indian market through successful case histories

The Forum will host many guests, both Italian and Indian. Professor Alessandro Biamonti, from Politecnico di Milano, will open the Forum. Afterwards, institutions, associations and various players of the Indian distribution system, such as Invest India, ICCI – Indian Chamber of Commerce for Italy, Retail Association India, Hospitality Purchase Managers Forum of India, Vivono Designs, will illustrate to the participants the main trends of the country.

FIMI 2019

There will also be a dialogue between the designer Aamir Sharma, Director of Aamir | Hameeda Design Studio and the architect Matteo Nunziati focused on “the importance of design in domestic and residential landscapes in India.”

The last part of the event will be dedicated to the case histories of three Italian companies that have successfully made their way into the Indian market: FIMA Carlo Frattini, SEI Laser and Wittur. Participation in FIMI 2019 is free; to discover the entire program and register visit the website

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