La Suite, A Charming Hotel in Matera

Studio Marco Piva has designed a 5-star hotel in Matera, La Suite Hotel, characterized by minimal and pure shapes

On the occasion of its designation as 2019 European Capital of Culture, Matera has enriched its hospitality offer with a project inspired by the elegance of local architecture. La Suite Hotel, a 5-star facility located on Via Lucana, a short distance from the “Sassi”, is a project by Studio Marco Piva, characterized by essentiality and formal rigor, emphasized by the use of color.

The lobby of La Suite hotel, designed by Studio Marco Piva in Matera

This building, with its functional architecture, is inspired by 20th century Italian rationalism, without superfluous decorations, yet extremely sophisticated, thanks to the skilful use of colors and materials.


In the design and building stages, Voice of Colour, the color strategy developed by Sigma Coatings, represents a precious help for specifiers: besides offering a wide range of colors and high performance materials, it promotes a conscious and functional use of color, aimed at meeting the requirements of the building.


The color chosen for La Suite Hotel is elegant and refined and dominates the interiors. Fluid spaces define the different areas of the building: the lobby, the long hallways leading to the guestrooms, and the communal spaces are ideally connected by finishes conceived to absorb the bright light of Matera. That’s how environments with a relaxing ambience are obtained, thanks to the chromatic depth of walls and furnishings.

Harmonizing colors for greater wellbeing

The contrast between the original elements, preserved on the façade, and the interiors, in local materials, form a harmonious whole, ensuring the complete wellbeing of the guests. Ideally, the atmosphere of the interiors reproduces the same contrast experienced when entering the traditional homes of the Sassi of Matera: the transition from bright light to refreshing and relaxing shadows.

Sigma Coatings Contour Aqua-PU Matt used for the walls of La Suite Hotel is a matt water-based enamel paint with LTA+ technology. This special technology prevents dirt from penetrating into the surfaces, ensuring durability. Moreover, the easy application and expansion allow for a perfectly uniform application. Contour Aqua-PU Matt is perfect for dark colors, such as the ones used in the common areas of La Suite hotel.

All the pictures are by Andrea Martiradonna

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