Dixpari presents a new idea of circular economy

Dixpari: a project reclaiming plastic processing scrap

The Macramé wall lamp belongs to the Luce collection by Dixpari

The founder of Dixpari comes from the plastics industry. Carolina Candelo started working in the family business, which specializes in thermoplastic moulding, and there she began to realize that there could be a use for processing waste. So, in 2017 she founded the Dixpari brand, together with her sister Isabella Candelo.

Then came the first collection of lamps, in unique pieces, the Light Collection. Each lamp is ‘worked’ by expert craftsmen who guarantee its uniqueness and elegance, and only scraps from processing are used for each lamp.

More recently, Dixpari developed Miage, a collection of transparent and backlit panels that decorate the walls and at the same time illuminate the rooms. The panels in the Miage collection also come from plastic moulding waste.

The emotional lighting created by Miage, a modular system consisting of 40×40 cm panels

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