Ceramic Surfaces: Trends 2020

The trends in ceramic surfaces are inspired by natural materials: stone, terrazzo, marble

Ceramiche Refin, Cersaie 2019

The latest trends in ceramic surfaces include decorative patterns and colors inspired by natural materials, combined by thicknesses and formats that make it possible to use them in different settings. Porcelain stoneware is preferred to other materials, especially in high traffic areas, for its mechanic resistance and for being abrasion and wear resistant, scratchproof, stain resistant, resistant to chemical agents and no frost.

FMG-Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, Gemstone MaxFine collection

In recent years companies have developed large formats that reduce grout lines, allowing for complex patterns, and ultra thin tiles for a greater practicality. These factors, combined with its resistance, make porcelain stoneware one of the most popular materials in architecture. Let’s see some trends emerged during 2019 at Cersaie and other trade fairs.

Ceramic patterns and colors inspired by natural materials

Casalgrande Padana goes back to traditional Italian materials: marble chips and terrazzo. The Macro collection recalls an irregular jigsaw puzzle consisting of stones, pebbles, cobblestones, irregular fragments, defining a seamless surface where grout lines are invisible. Macro is available in 4 colors and 2 formats.

Macro collection, by Casalgrande Padana

The Terrazzo collection, by Casalgrande Padana as well, offers a natural mosaic, consisting of tiles of different size. Terrazzo porcelain stoneware, with its granite effect, is perfect for residential uses. It is available in 4 colors and several formats, with either a glossy or a natural nonslip finish.

Terrazzo collection, by Casalgrande Padana

Large format porcelain stoneware for a wallpaper effect

Fap Ceramiche chooses large format tiles for Bloom, 80×160 cm white body tile. The large format makes it possible to create a seamless space, for a wall with designs and patterns that create a wallpaper effect. Being in white body, these tiles are lightweight, easy to cut, drill, and handle.

Bloom collection, by Fap Ceramiche

The new MaxFine Gemstone collection by FMG-Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti is inspired by minerals. Gemstone has a varied texture alternating crystallized areas with thin veins for a delicate decoration. Available in a glossy finish, it offers 3 colors and different formats.

FMG-Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, Gemstone MaxFine collection

Delight, by Lea Ceramiche, is available both in the thin Slimtech version, characterized by large formats, and in the traditional thickness. This collection combines the elegance of marble with the technology of porcelain stoneware and is characterized by a glossy finish and several geometric patterns.

Delight, collection by Lea Ceramiche with veins inspired by marble

Sticks, as its name suggests, is a collection of small sticks which it is possible to create different designs on floors and walls. The basic stick is 5×3 cm, and is available in 2 finishes and 4 colors. The Sticks collection by Mosaico+, designed by Massimo Nadalini, makes it possible to create several compositions.

Sticks, by Massimo Nadalini for Mosaico+

Glass effect

Vetri, by Ceramiche Refin, is a collection of tiles that combines the technical performance of porcelain stoneware with the shine of glass. Continuous technological research allowed Refin to develop a product as shining as glass but with the resistance to wear, scratches and stain typical of ceramic, which can be used even in high traffic environments.

Vetri collection, by Refin

Sintered stone

Finally, we include also Lapitec in ceramic trends, with its new finish with through-body veining. Lapitec is a sintered stone, perfect for walls and floors, both indoors and outdoors. The new collection, available in the Lux and Satin finishes and in three shades of white, is 20 mm thick. The different veins offer different effects, able to match different architecture and interior design styles.

Lapitec, sintered stone collection with through-body veining

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