Crosby Studios and the Blue Circle

A studio apartment in Moscow expresses Harry Nuriev’s design philosophy

Harry Nuriev is the founding architect of Crosby Studios, the practice with which he designed a small studio apartment in Moscow. The apartment is used for short rent or special events. It is also used to show the firm’s design skills to a select audience.


This studio apartment is 57 sq m, organized into two areas. The first hosts the bed and the living area, while the second hosts utility areas such as the kitchen, the bathroom and the laundry. The space is dominated by blue, in a particular shade that is used in all the projects by Crosby. Crosby Studios has chosen this specific shade of blue as its hallmark and often uses it in its interior design projects.

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The frame of the bed, designed by Nuriev as well, is inspired by the Phillips Exeter Academy Library, a famous project by Louis Kahn in the New Hampshire. Consisting of a cube featuring four large round holes, it is made of wood painted in that special shade of blue, just like the table and the stools, which are either blue or decorated with white and blue motifs inspired by Gzhel ceramics.

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A material for any season

These white and blue motifs, inspired by Gzhel ceramics, are also present on the only partition wall present in this space, which separates the utility area from the living and sleeping area.


Studio Crosby’s studio apartment provides an example of an interesting use of a basic material, the melamine panel. As well as being environmentally friendly, melamine panels can be matched with several finishes, textures and colors, creating a harmonious environment and a seamlessly elegant project.

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Other pictures of the studio apartment designed by Crosby Studios in Moscow

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