#Designgoeson: Maurizio Riva, Riva 1920 and the importance of Italian know-how

#Designgoeson: Designdiffusion.com talks with Maurizio Riva, founder of Riva1920, about the possible scenarios and the importance of Made in Italy

What measures have been taken at Riva1920 to face the Covid-19 health emergency?

We have started reflecting on the situation from the very first days of the emergency. My siblings, Davide and Anna, and I decided to suspend production, and we closed our plants, offices and showroom on March 12. It would have been quite complicated to avoid exchanges and respect social distancing since our artisanal production requires also considerable manual skills. Therefore, we deemed it appropriate to immediately suspend all activities within the company to protect the health of our employees. The sales department, the technical department and the marketing department, as well as all remote functions, are working from home.

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Riva1920 has decided to suspend every activity within the company, mainly to protect the health of our employees. Anything else takes second place now that there is a health emergency in progress.

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What are the scenarios for the future, after the emergency?

It is not easy to foresee the future; we can only make a few assumptions. When we get out of this emergency, at first, we will be very happy we have overcome it, but, at the same time, we will be really sorry for all the people who will have lost their lives because of this invisible enemy. From an economic point of view, we hope that companies gradually resume their rhythm, without closing. Any company lost would not mean just a loss in terms of productivity but also in terms of know-how. The strength of made in Italy and Italian excellence has a solid base resulting from this know-how.

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In this rather delicate and sad picture, Riva1920 has recently received demonstrations of great solidarity and sympathy from some international clients. Some of our Chinese partners, for example, donated us masks, and we offered a considerable number of them to some local Italian Red Cross offices. We want to be very close to them, and our thoughts go to all healthcare workers who have been put to the test by this emergency.

The health emergency and the Salone del Mobile

It is very difficult to make predictions about the Salone del Mobile 2020. First of all, we must take into account the health risk and the fact that attendance would be at least halved compared to the previous edition. There are many aspects to examine. It is necessary to consider all aspects, because the Salone del Mobile di Milano represents a very important investment for the exhibitors.

Finally, I hope that, at the end of this emergency, companies will be able to carry out initiatives and activities to support and engage young people, who are our future.

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