Antoniolupi “Tra le righe”

Tra le righe: Antoniolupi and Gumdesign announce new projects

Antoniolupi looks with optimism to the second part of this troubled 2020 and presents new projects and new products, exploring new paths. First of all, it consolidates its collaboration with Gumdesign. The Tuscan designer duo composed of Gabriele Pardi and Laura Fiaschi has designed Visiondiary, the new company profile illustrating the company’s 70 years and its philosophy. With a new tag line, Lo stato delle idee, Antoniolupi celebrates 70 years of attention to detail, research and innovation, ranging from the bathroom to the whole house.

Antoniolupi at imm cologne 2020

The company has recently outfitted a new showroom and a new research center, “Il Giardino delle Idee”, where new projects come to life, new materials are studied and new products are developed.  

The colors of the Borghi washbasin

Tra le righe: colors and moods

The journey into the products made by Gumdesign and Antoniolupi is called “Tra le righe”. Tra le righe is a concept that gathers all the collections designed by Gumdesign (washbasins, carpets, accessories, wallpapers). A common thread that links design and graphics in a combination that defines the identity of a structured project. The first product in this series was I Gessati, the collection of marble washbasins with clearly visible lines.

Antonio Lupi booth at Salone del Mobile 2019; I Gessati, by Gumdesign

Discover Antoniolupi booth at Salone del Mobile 2019

The new colors of Cristalmood make up the second paragraph of this chapter. For this new series, the designers draw inspiration from the colors of Tuscany: the leaves and fruits of the olive trees, the reddish brown of grapes and wine, the deep blue of the sea. Oleo, Gran Cru, and Ceruleo are the new colors with many nuances, just like nature.

Borghi: sustainable washbasins

Another important chapter in this research is represented by the use of new materials combined in an unusual way, like in Borghi, the new freestanding washbasin. Designed by Gumdesign as well, Borghi consists of a Cristalmood basin and a cork base. A really unconventional choice where one material is highly technological and the other completely natural. However, both of them are sustainable. Cork is a 100% recyclable material, lightweight, flexible and resistant.

The new Bolgheri washbasin, by Gumdesign for Antoniolupi, in cork and Cristalmood

To turn it into the base of a washbasin, cork is recomposed with natural resins only, allowing it to be entirely recyclable. Hand finishing gives it a soft-touch effect. Also Cristalmood, despite being a synthetic material, is sustainable: it is a colorable, resistant, recyclable resin, Borghi thus becomes a washbasin with a strong graphic design, which imposes its personality on the space, both in the natural cork version and in the toasted cork version in the burnt coffee color variant.

Borghi, by Gumdesign for Antoniolupi, in cork and Cristalmood

Discover Antoniolupi booth at Salone del Mobile 2019 

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