Quadrifoglio Group: privacy and quiet with soundproof booths

X-Change soundproof booths by Quadrifoglio Group offer privacy and comfort in open-plan spaces

In recent years, workspaces have been facing ongoing changes due to different ways of conceiving work. Form remote working to coworking spaces, to traditional open-plan spaces, workplaces require projects designed with new criteria.

X-Change, system of soundproof cabins by Quadrifoglio Group, in different sizes

The most popular trend among international companies consists in sharing open-plan spaces where flexibility and interconnections favor maximum productivity. As if the physical office took on the function of a transitional space where people can interconnect and collaborate in total freedom. However, this new approach to work creates the need to isolate oneself and find privacy for calls, meetings, and moments of personal concentration.

Discover the human-friendly office by Quadrifoglio Group

Isolated soundproof meeting room from the X-Change system by Quadrifoglio Group

Soundproof booths have been designed to meet these needs, as perfectly isolated small rooms recalling telephone booths. Soundproof booths are perfect for calls or meetings where privacy is fundamental, either alone or with other people.

A soundproof booth for small meetings from the X-Change range by Quadrifoglio Group

Privacy and quiet are guaranteed

Quadrifoglio Group has designed X-Change, a system of soundproof booths of different sizes ranging from 1m x 1m to 3m x 4m. The booths belonging to the X-Change system perfectly integrate with other Quadrifoglio Group product ranges, allowing you to have stylistically uniform and technologically functional furnishings. The acoustic performance of these booths is similar to that of the XW partitions.

“Telephone booths” from the X-Change system by Quadrifoglio Group

Soundproof booths are perfect to improve comfort and productivity in the workplace. Thanks to their glass walls, they isolate without closing, increasing productivity and boosting concentration. The ideal solution to offer privacy only when needed, preserving the spirit of shared workspaces.

Discover the human-friendly office by Quadrifoglio Group

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