InsideOut: architecture and design according to Progetto CMR

Architecture, design, urban planning: Progetto CMR and contemporary design

It is easy to say architect. Actually, a contemporary architect is a thousand things at once and an international architecture firm must be experienced in many complementary disciplines. Progetto CMR is a multidisciplinary company, founded in Milan in 1994, with offices all over the world, which includes architects, space planners, interior designers, experts in process management, mechanical and electrical engineers, industrial designers, Leed APs and BIM specialists. All this makes Progetto CMR a company with an integrated design approach, putting together architecture, engineering and design.

In this way, people with different skills work on the same project instead of having a single architect working on every aspect. The project becomes a “tailored dress” created to meet the clients’ needs. Before designing, Progetto CMR studies and analyzes the client’s requests to develop precise and accurate projects where nothing is left to chance.

The book InsideOut is a monograph celebrating the 25th anniversary of Progetto CMR through the analysis of the projects that have been carried out over the years. This volume illustrates the design method at the heart of the products, offices, residences, leisure spaces, master plans and urban plans designed by the firm.

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Some numbers

Currently, Progetto CMR has 10 offices all over the world, 160 collaborators including architects, engineers, designers, 1,500 clients. It has developed 2,800 projects totaling 30 million sqm of buildings and 7 million sqm of offices, in addition to 250 million sqm of master plans.

Progetto CMR International is the holding company that controls all the companies of the group. Progetto CMR works in the architecture, engineering and design fields in Italy and abroad. Sportium designs and build next generation sports facilities, while Future Business Net is a web agency specializing in communication. Progetto Design&Build consolidates Progetto CMR’s experience in the design of workplaces and, finally, Bim Factory completes the Bim process (Building Information Modeling).

InsideOut, Progetto CMR 25Years Special Edition, is a book edited by Emilia Prevosti and Fabrizio Todeschini (Edimotion), published by DDW – Design Diffusion World. To buy you copy, please write to

Read also our interview with Massimo Roj about the health emergency and remote working

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