New metallic colors for Flumood by Antoniolupi

Metallic reflections in the bathroom with Flumood by Antoniolupi

Flumood, the composite material patented by Antoniolupi, presents the new metal finishes. Made of aluminum hydroxide and synthetic resins, Flumood is a scratch-resistant, non-porous, stain-resistant material that can be easily restored if damaged. Available in a perfectly smooth satin finish or with relief texture, it is perfect for washbasins, bathtubs, countertops with integrated washbasin.

Metallic finish on the base of the Albume washbasin, by Carlo Colombo for Antoniolupi

The new metallic finishes of Flumood give volumes a texture, making products even more precious. The special coating, made with metal powder or liquid metal, makes it possible to deposit microparticles of real metal on the surface. An original surface with iridescent reflections is the result.

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Corten metallic finish on the Plissè washbasin

Liquid metal on Flumood

Metallo liquido is a new finish sprayed on the surfaces of washbasins and bathtubs, a light and iridescent ‘dress’ that enhances volumes. It oxidizes over time acquiring a unique appearance that keeps changing over the years. The manufacturing process makes this finish homogeneous, creating a uniform surface that dances under the light. The Metallo liquido coating is available in Copper, Brass and Bronze finishes.

Flumood and metal powder

Polvere di metallo is a special coating that makes it possible to deposit microparticles of real metal on the surface of the elements. Metal powder coating is applied to the Plissè washbasin and is available in 5 finishes: Iron, Brass, Corten, Copper and Bronze.

The metal coating is available for the washabsins from the Albume collection, designed by Carlo Colombo, where the warmth of bronze meets transparent Cristalmood. Metal coating enhances also the Simplo washbasin, designed by AL Studio, characterized by its essential shape, and turns Mario Ferrarini’s Mastello tub into a sculpture (below). Finally, metal coating gives the Plissè washbasin by Paolo Ulian a tactile feel.

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