Aldo Cibic, Philipp Selva and the Petite Maison

How to outfit a small home with style and elegance: a webinar with Aldo Cibic and Philipp Selva

In recent years, apartments in urban areas have tended to be increasingly small, mainly due to the price of housing space in big cities. This is an established trend, which is unlikely to change, at least for some time. In the wake of this trend, spaces and furnishings are changing to adapt to new living habits.

Aldo Cibic, a world-class architect and designer, has already designed many small houses in London, Paris and Shanghai. One of the most interesting projects is his flat in Milan, in a former gatehouse. During the webinar with Philipp Selva, moderated by Francesca Russo, Cibic explained how the issue of small homes will be vital in the future.

The flat designed by Aldo Cibic in Milan (picture from

Due to increasingly high prices in the cities, says Cibic, it has become key to make even very small spaces elegant. But be careful: living in a miniature apartment is only possible in the center of a city, where coworking spaces, spots where you can eat without spending too much, and all necessary services are within reach. According to Cibic, under these conditions, it is possible to have a small yet beautiful house.

The flat designed by Aldo Cibic in Milan (picture from

The real challenge is to outfit with style and elegance such a tiny space. And this challenge was taken up by PhilippSelva entrusting Aldo Cibic with the design of a complete collection, Petite Maison. The Petite Maison designed by Aldo Cibic for PhilippSelva is a collection including multipurpose furnishings that can adapt to different needs. For example, a large sofa becomes a bed, while the table may be used to work, eat and even iron. On the contrary, chairs are small to fit into tiny spaces.

Aldo Cibic, Philipp Selva and the Petite Maison

However, Petite Maison is a collection that does not compromise on excellent quality. Its strengths will be beauty and elegance because also small spaces may be very beautiful. Moreover, everything will be customizable, from finishes to colors up to fabrics. The main wood will be ash from reforestation since sustainability is an essential value for PhilippSelva. And the pieces will last over time as quality and durability are both synonymous with sustainability.

The Petite Maison collection, by Aldo Cibic for PhilippSelva

The first Petite Maison collection by PhilippSelva will be ready in October and will be showcased in the new showroom in Bovisio Masciago, which will open in September. See you in autumn with the new Petite Maison collection and the new PhilippSelva showroom.

Below you will find the video of the webinar during which Aldo Cibic and Philipp Selva present the new collection and the underlying philosophy.

Featured image: Pont table, by Aldo Cibic for PhilippSelva

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