Sicis conquers the Central Park Tower in New York

Sicis is the main star in a large apartment in New York, in the Central Park Tower

La zona da pranzo è arredata con un tavolo di Sicis in marmo, nella variante Vetrite electric cal gold; i lampadari Venus, invece, fanno parte della collezione Sicis Lighting. E il pannello tridimensionale sopra il tavolo, della collezione Metamorphosis Art Collection

Italian company Sicis, which has been producing high-quality mosaics and furnishings for over thirty years, has designed the interiors of a large apartment in New York’s Central Park Tower, the tallest residential tower in the world. Made of glass and frosted steel, the tower has 137 floors occupied by apartments, shops, spas and fitness clubs.

One of the four bathrooms of the home

The apartment is a showcase of the finest furniture collections from the Sicis Home Collection. Furnishings are elegant, mosaics and glass and polymer surfaces from the Vetrite collection reflect the excellence of Italian production; fabrics, lights and accessories are just as precious. They reflect the refined taste of the Italian brand, which combines traditional craftsmanship with increasingly innovative production techniques.

One of the three bedrooms, furnished with Donovan Bed by Sicis and Vetrite Gem Glass paneling

Discover the “wow” effect lounge bar by Sicis

Sicis: from mosaic tiles to furnishing systems

Sicis was founded in Ravenna, the home of mosaics, in the late ’80s, to produce artistic surfaces with high-quality mosaic tiles. In the early 2000s, the Romagna-based company decided to expand its horizons and today it creates complete furnishing systems for comfortable and refined spaces. This revolution has allowed the company to offer a complete service dedicated to the home.

The passion and the willingness to renovate itself, preserving high-quality craftsmanship and precision, have contributed to making Sicis one of the best-known and appreciated Italian companies in the world.

The kitchen

Below, other pictures of the Central Park Tower apartment, New York

Discover the “wow” effect lounge bar by Sicis

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